Fortune Favours the Boulder

Me on a rock

This first article features, appropriately, a picture of me.

This boulder is about half-way up Spitzkoppe in Namibia. I climbed this mountain in 1999, and this picture was captured with my very first digital camera, a Kodak DC-120.

The DC-120 featured a full megapixel CCD (or so they claimed - actually the CCD was 800 Kilopixels which was 'expanded' to 1MP on its journey to the memory chip). My camera was equipped with a state-of-the-art 20MB compact flash memory chip which cost nearly the same as the camera. I could fit 12 full-resolution JPEG images on the chip.

I was travelling around South Africa and Namibia. I uploaded some pictures and a short description of my travels to the web every day for 14 days. That was a pretty big deal back then. Both in South Africa and Namibia I found a surprisingly well-functioning cell phone network. Once I even uploaded a web-page from my car in the middle of a game reserve.

Equipment: Camera: Kodak DC-120, Cell phone: Nokia 2110, PC: Texas Instruments Laptop (with a whopping 24MB of RAM)